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D A N I E L  B R E N T  G O L D E N

Born: 1969, Knoxville, TN

Daniel Brent Golden

Native East Tennessean Brent Golden's interest in photography began while studying for his fine-arts degree at the University of Tennessee. An avid fly- fisherman, his passion for the outdoors is the focal point of his photographic interest. His specialty is shooting large panoramic landscapes of North America's flyfishing waters. A recent interest in the invisible light of infrared (IR) photography has inspired him to capture famous waters in this unique way.

His technique uses filters to block visible light from entering the camera, leaving only the surreal IR light. One of the difficulties of this process is that the filter's opacity prevents any viewing through the camera. Extremely long exposure times allow for enough IR light to enter the camera and yield an IR image. Any movement by wind or water is magnified and blurred, adding a three dimensionality to the prints. To form his panoramic images, Golden shoots scenes in sections rather than cropping. Then, each high-resolution section is overlapped and refined with photography software to form an unbroken view of the entire surrounding area. The result is a single large horizontal image. Each finished image is printed using Giclee Archival Pigment technology. Prints are made individually in various sizes up to five feet wide and in one of two tones, neutral black and white or sepia. This series features popular trout rivers and flyfishing waters. It has been described by many as "hauntingly beautiful."


1986 The National Art Honor Society European study
1987 The National Art Honor Society student award
1992 Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Art, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
1993 - present, Manager for Hart Graphics Inc. - design, production and publishing


2003 Exhibited, Robin’s Nest Gallery, Sweetwater TN
2005 Exhibited, Bennett Gallery, Knoxville TN
2006 Exhibited, Through the Lens Gallery, Knoxville TN


All Giclee (archival) prints can be made in custom widths and will be shipped on request.
Up to 24" width = $200
Up to 36" width = $300
Up to 60" width = $500

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